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My Automations

Every great software developer, for example, now has an army of robots working for him at nighttime while he or she sleeps, after they’ve written the code, and it’s cranking away. ~ Naval Ravikant

Automation to me is all about linking together multiple apps, services and hardware. In a nutshell it's about exchanging information, keeping human involvement as minimum as possible.

White-hat Automation

With the ability to send thousands of messages, it's easy to get to a place where we simply spam others. Because of that I follow a simple rule: Do not automate the process of building relationships. I use bots to have more space, and in a result I have more time and energy for other people.

Scenario design

I use all my skills, both technical, business and a soft skills to create automations.

Most important stack includes: Notion,, Keyboard Maestro, Shortcuts, Airtable, Raycast and Webflow. You can read more about those Apps within a dedicated section.

My Team of Robots

All of my automations improve with each iteration. It means that I always seeking for a new tools and the ideas to use it, and replace old scenarios with a new ones.

My scenarios are assigned to an Avatar — a bot with certain characteristics, abilities and responsibilities. Each of them can undertake tasks independently or, if they need the help of another both, thyey can ask for help.

The names of the robots are nothing but a kind of category. It helps me to create user stories and organize my scenarios.

Claire — Office


Claire is responsible for the scenarios related to my virtual and physical office. She takes care of issuing documents, payment, reminders, or organizing the tools I use for daily tasks (which she is also able to assign them to me!). Her most important tools are Superhuman and Notion.

Jenny — Social Media


Jenny helps me with all of my Social Media channels and communication. She take care of scheduling, content creation and answering for new comments. Her main tools are Airtable and Make.

Nicky — Designer


Nicky is a designer and is responsbile for almost all of the graphics that appear on my Social Media and Newsletters. She uses templates and EasyBanner to render creations and submit them to the other bots or even directly to my clipboard (thanks to Keyboard Maestro).

Ellie — Researcher


Ellie helps me to stay on track with all of my learning resources (see more at Learning System). She visits blogs, newsletters and websites and gather everything I may find useful. Ellie helps me to manage this website as well and collect useful resources for my newsletters and community. Her tools are Airtable and Feedly mostly.

Luke — Content


Luke's role is to help me prepare recordings and articles. He takes care of transferring files between services, crating backups and preparing material structures. E.g., after recording material, he creates an entery for me in Airtable with all of the links and graphics. He uses Ellie's help for managing and with Claire's help, adds tasks for me to complete the content before publishing it (because not all activities may or should be automated).

Rose — Newsletter


Rose helps me with everything related to preparing and sending all of my newsletters. Her main tool are Sendgrid/MailerLite and Airtable. After sending a campaign, together with Nicky and Jenny, they add posts on my Social Media channels.

Tony — Developer


Tony focuses on helping me with programming and product development. He makes it easy for me to organize and manage projects and work with tools I use for programming (e.g. terminal or IDE).