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Black Box Thinking

In book Antifragile we can learn why it is so safe to fly a plane. One of the main reasons is that, every mistake (or disaster) that occurs, contributes to the creation of new procedures that makes a whole system better.

In such a process, the mosts important thing is to learn from your mistakes and openly admit them. The problem is that making mistakes is ofeten associated with something really wrong and that is obvoius because we are taught that it is best not to make them at all — often under threat of punishment.

Black Box Thinking (as well as Think Like a Rocket Scientist) presents a very different perspective, according to which making mistakes and learning lessons for the future are essential elements of learning and development.


  • Admit your mistakes - including to yourself.
  • Treat your ideas and conclusions as hypotheses - which need to be tested and have the right to fail.
  • Treat failure as a lesson. Turn a negative, into a positive.