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Here, I share everything I know. I created this place primarily for myself, so I can easily return to all the materials posted here. At the same time, I thought you might find it all equally valuable to you. Please keep in mind, that this project won’t be finished and what’s more important, many things will change over time. What is true for me today, probably tomorrow won’t be.

You can find here:

You can search all the information contained here with the help of the search engine available on this page, which you can enable with the shortcut ⌘ / or CTRL /.


This entire project is based on the concept of the so-called digital garden. In my case, I’ve been testing a combination of Notion and Super.so and Github integration with GitBook. For a while I used the Obsidian Publish function and currently I generate the whole thing in Hugo based on the Quartz project Quartz

Important! If you find a mistake in some definitions or want to suggest a change, I will be very grateful for it. You can do this with a Pull Request sent to the of this repository, reporting Issue or simply by emailing me at e-mail.