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My Values

My fundamental values guides me throguh a decision making process. My Process and a Direction are coming directly from them.

Each of the following values are equallty important to me and unchanging throughout my life.

My life's philosophy

To Inspire others to grow.

My values

  • Quriosity: That's a source of everything I love.
  • Freedom: Which comes from discipline.
  • Enthusiasm: This attitude helps me overcome everything.

You may wonder how do I use those values in a daily life. Well, wheter I make an important decision I going back to my values asking "Is this decision in line with them and leading me in the direction I have set?". If so, I won't think twice.

Values not only helps with though decisions but also makes a decision-making process most efficient. I may say that everytime I make a decision with my values, I end up with a good result. However, our perception of Reality must still be taken into account and in particular, the words of Ray Dalio, who said that we are not able to see a reality as it is, because of our Ego and Blind Spots.

How did I define my values?

There was a program Reign and Own (PL) from Rafał Mazur, in which I've found a process guiding me through defining my life's philosophy and mission.

I won't describe the entire process here, due to the fact that it is a part of the Rafał's Program. I can only recommend its purchase and follow all the stepps, according to his suggestions.

Are my values changing?

In my case, enthusiasm has been added to the list recently. the reason for this was a "moment of realization", that took place when I read the book Almanack of Naval Ravikant. One of the quotes of Naval's said, that feeling happy is a matter of our decision. I believe an enthusiasm is a very important part of this.

From that point on, I decided to take it serously, contraty to what "The Big Five" test told me, suggesting that in terms of enthusiasm I'm in the 1st percentile (lowest). At the same time, books such as The Happines Advantage and Letting Go suggests unequivocally the huge role of enthusiasm in achieving anything.