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easy_ is one of my companies in which we are creating products for making online selling easier. All of those products stands out with a great UX and something called a network effect (e.g.: payment details are saved across all of our merchants, thanks to Stripe's technology).


As for now in easy_ we are creating a products like:

  • EasyCart — a checkout
  • EasyTimer — beautiful timer for e-mails and websites
  • EasyLove — let clients spoke about your product
  • EasyLegal — generate a Privacy Policy & Terms of Use
  • EasyBanner — generate images via API
  • EasyCookie — create a beautiful cookie consent popups
  • EasyFaq — generate FAQ sections without writing a line of code


  • November 2022 EasyCart exceedes PLN 14,000,000 in transactions
  • October 2022 EasyCart exceedes PLN 11,000,000 in transactions
  • September 2022 EasyCart exceedes PLN 6,000,000 in transactions
  • August 2022 EasyCart exceedes PLN 5,000,000 in transactions
  • May 2022 EasyCart exceeds PLN 3,000,000 in transactions
  • December 2021 EasyCart exceeds 700K transactions and 4,000 customers online
  • November 2021 EasyCart ends public beta
  • August 2021 First customer switches all his products to EC after testing 🎉
  • August 2021 - EasyCart becomes a project #buildinpublic
  • August 2021 - EasyCart is in closed beta stage


The shopping cart can be tested at the following addresses:

You can also use sample cards, with any 3-digit CVC and an expiration date in the future:

  • Without 3D Secure authorization: 4242 4242 4242 4242
  • With 3D Secure authorization: **`4000 0027 6000 3184