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eduweb & ahoy!

eduweb is an educational platform with video courses for tech outliers. Ahoy! is a closed, paid community for them. Both projects are using easy_ for managing subscriptions and premium content access. We are using a lot of Automations which allow us to do it all in a very small team.

I've published many courses and hundreds of articles and posts both on eduweb and ahoy! You can find an examples below.

Keyboard Maestro (PL)

Keyboard Maestro is a macOS application that allows you to automate almost any action you do on your mac. In this course, you will find practical examples and inspiration to help you create simple and powerful macros that will save you hours of work.

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TypeScript (PL)

If you need to learn TypeScript, this is a good way to start. I've created two courses, but both of them you may consider as "introduction" and a blazing-speed start.

🔗 Basics & 🔗 Intermediate

Types in JavaScript (PL)

This is a workshop about types in JavaScript and their importance in the context of TypeScript. You can learn here i.e. what are statics and dynamic types and why you should learn TypeScript.

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Is it worth to learn TypeScript?

In this workshop I show a couple of examples which will tel you when it is really worth to learn TypeScript and when it's not.

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Regex for Web Developer

In this video you will find a minimum necessary knowledge of Regex, which you will find useful in your daily work. This is a very important skill both for Programming and Automations.

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ES2019 & ES2020

A video describing the most important features of ES2019 and ES2019 including:

  • Object.entries() & Object.fromEntries()
  • Array.flat() & Array.flatMap()
  • trimStart() / trimEnd()
  • Optional Chaining & Nullish coalescing
  • String.prototype.matchAll()
  • Promise.allSettled()
  • globalThis
  • BigInt
  • Symbol.description

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Asynchronous JavaScript

In this workshop I explain the most important concepts about asynchronicity in the JavaScript like for example Event Loop, Higher-Order Functions, Currying, Pure Functions, Callbacks, Promises, async / await syntax and error handling.

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Advanced debugging in JavaScript

This workshop covers the most important techniques for debugging JavaScript code using both Chrome Dev Tools and the built-in debugger in Visual Studio Code. The whole thing takes into account both client-side (Vue) and server-side (Nest) application debugging.

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JavaScript without any secrets

In this workshop I explain a key concepts of JavaScript, that often cause many problems even for experienced developers like for ex.:

  • Global, local and block scope
  • Hoisting and Temporal Dead Zone
  • Closures
  • "this" keyword
  • Metody call, apply i bind
  • Modules
  • Passing information by value and reference
  • Copying and freezing objects

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