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Extreme Ownership

This is a book you should definitely not read but listen to — to the original audiobook, read by the authors. This is a remarable lesson of business, but not only. Its message can be applied to any area of life. In addition I highly recommend reading a second book of Jocko — Dichotomy of Leadership which highlights a very important part of a Leadership, which is its ambiguity.

The authors — Jocko Willink and Leif Babin are former Navy Seal's, who after their missions in Iraq, among others, share their experiences from the most extreme to a business context.


  • Discipline equals Freedom
  • Relax, look around, make a call.
  • There are no bad teams. There are only bad leaders.
  • Let your team work within the set goal and without your involvement in everything.
  • Information flow is key - broad context comes from the top and operational details from the bottom