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My Learning System

I consider the ability to learn quickly as one of the most important of all, especailly in the face of a very fast-changing world. I also believe that it's a skill that can simply be developed with some discipline and a good habits.

For example I can see that my memory has become incomparably better over the past few years. I could be wrong but I assume it's connected with:

How do I learn?

Learning to me is a process which starts with surrounding myself with a given topic based on the best available sources, which I choose very carefully — I believe this choice define how effectively I learn.

Knowledge sources are useually centered around people or projects. There are also people around those people, who are very interesting. We can say tat it is a network of connections that allows us to reach out to more sources and thus shape our entire environment.

Books are another part of the knowledge acquisition process. The key is just to choose the right titles (Goodreads may help here).

At the end you can say thtat my learning process is all about:

  • Reading books, because it is like, in a way, a conversation with an author
  • Having fun. Lots of it!
  • Openess and Detachment
    • Openess — an assumption that the information may be true and valuable
    • Distance — an assumption that not everything is truth, but most likely — an opinion or a perspective
    • If you combine both Openess and Detachment, you are able to develop your unique approach to a given topic and even become better with it, than a person you are learning from.
  • I reach out for the best possible sources (blogs, articles, newsletters, paid communities, youtube channels, twitter accounts and online courses)
  • I get to know people who are "at the root" of a topic (such as technology developers or prominent experts). I usually do this on Twitter or Instagram.
  • I discover titles of recommended books and those that intigue me
  • I subscribe to the newsletters of the above-mentioned people

How much do I learn?

I don't measure it in any way, but learning is my habit and integral part of my day. This means that I use practically every free moment to learn something. AT the same time I also have space for total non-thinking, rest and silence, which I also see as a important part of the process of acquring knowledge (Huberman Lab again, confirm that).

Newsletters I like to read

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