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One of the most important advantages of reading books is the ability to learn from the experiences of other, often outstanding people.

Scott Adams in his book tells the story of his life. After reading it I have removed goals from my life, and channeled energy on a Process. I did it because of a two drawbacks Scott pointed out to me:

  • Goals are set in the future and you are live with expectations, until you achieve them
  • Goals are strict. Until you get what you want, you will be probably disappointed.

I'd like to add here about Expectations vs Reality. Even if you achieve your goal, a result may be something you really didn't want and that's a so called 'success trap'.

Focusing on the system allows us to adjust our plans and actions on the fly, removing what is unnecessary. In addition, here we have more room to enjoy the path of our lives rather than the point we want to get to.